Mono - Xero R

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The deck

  • 3rd deck in Mono series
  • Printed by Cartamundi
  • Print run of 2500 decks
  • Slime-line stock with True Linen B9 Finish
  • 56 fully custom cards including 2 jokers, a double backer and an ad card
  • Fully custom tuck, designed to fit with the Mono - Xero

The third deck in the Mono collection, exploring the use of a single color palette and combining patterns and gradients to achieve a dynamic and unique deck of cards.

Mono - Xero R, like its blue brother, picks up from distinctive theme set by Mono - X, using a bold 2-way back design combined with side details on the card faces to allow for cardists to flourish and magicians to excel in their routines. The deck uses a variety of line thicknesses with negative space and gradients to maintain the recognisable theme is carried through from the distinctive card back where a 'O' is created, all the way through the custom pips and court cards. The deck uses a red theme throughout, still with clear distinction between the suits.

Taking on the theme of community, the O is completed when multiple tuck boxes are aligned with the Mono - Xero deck, a partnership destined to stick together. The two differ more than just in colour, they also have a different Ace of Spades and face border markings, whilst the rest of the deck is similar but different. Together, they are Xero.