Mono - heXa

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The deck

  • 4th deck in Mono series
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Print run of 2500 decks
  • Premium bee stock, crushed, traditionally cut, air cushion finish
  • 56 fully custom cards including 2 jokers, a double backer and an ad card
  • Printed in neon purple Pantone ink
  • Fully custom tuck

Using a suite of neon purple inks, the deck is designed with the cardist in mind, whilst still keeping a 2-way back design and remaining playable and usable for all. The recognisable Mono pattern styling features once again, creating a hexagon with negative space - a focal point during your packet cuts, whilst the semi-border, full bleed design gives your fans the impact they deserve.

Faces are set up in shades of purple whilst easy to differentiate between, whilst being marked for suit - not for function, but as an interest aesthetic for those faces fans that enjoy a dash of colour! The markings on the face are design to sit exactly where the lines on the card back run which gives beautiful colour blocking however you stack the deck. Modified standard courts bring familiarity with the Mono twist we have come to expect from the series.

The deck is a sure fire hit for carditsry, watch your flourishes come to life as the optical illusion of lines move effortlessly, and once more the Mono decks work together, as two tucks pushed together form a completed hexagonal pattern.