Grid Series One

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The deck

  • 1st of 3 decks in Grid standard collection
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Limited to only 2500 decks
  • Standard linen card stock, air cushion finish
  • 56 fully custom cards including 4 additional cards
  • Fully custom tuck with seal

Grid Playing Cards are a collection based on the design principles of the International Typographic Style, otherwise known as the 'Swiss Style' of graphic design. Its main principles are readability and cleanliness, with most creations adopting an asymmetric layout, always based on the use of a grid. These grids, usually made up of hidden columns and rows, are used to align words, numbers, pictures, and patterns, so each series in the Grid Collection adopts these principles.

Grid Series One is the original concept deck and sets bold, brave foundations for the full collection. Doing away with traditional pips and instead adopting a typographic format, each card acts like a miniature poster, with bold lettering setting the theme, rather than illustration and numbers. The design is minimal but functional, the cards can be read and viewed in many different ways, and sport a full bleed design.