Grid Series Five

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The deck

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Limited to c. 1500 decks
  • Premium bee stock, air cushion finish and traditionally cut
  • 56 fully custom cards, including 4 additional cards
  • Fully custom tuck
  • 1-way back design with typographic card faces

The latest deck in the successful typographic ‘Grid’ collection, this is bolder than ever, with huge letters and numbers, overlapping patterns and a Swiss inspired tuck with a monotone twist. This is one you’re going to love to flourish with!

Like the decks before it, GS5 uses the principles of layout and typography to display card values, rather than conventional pips and court card illustrations. Inspired by the Swiss Design movement, these decks a distinctive in their differences, and are guaranteed to stand out in your collection.

Each of the decks before it have a theme, so for GS5 I wanted to be BOLD. Huge overlapping and cropping type grab the attention of the spectator, and if you’re using the deck of game play or cardistry, the graphics work together for maximum visual impact. Typographic details and the ability to ready the card in several different ways, ensure this deck picks up the collection and continues to evolve it.

The full bleed, broken border back is used by creating negative space with ‘G’, ‘S’ and ‘5’, combined with other text details the Grid decks feature. The card feels balanced and creates a bold pattern when fanned due to the stark contrast of colour. It’s clear here that inspiration from Bauhaus and the Swiss Design styles help give this deck complexity in its minimalism, and maximises its visual punch.

Each card can be read in 15 different ways. From the large value number/letter through to a timeline style system that changes to show the value and suit, each face gives the user an experience where each time they read it, they can discover something different.

With a custom tuck box and truly unique, sleek and clever jokers to match, GS5 proves that playing card design can be simple and complex at the same time. After all, with graphics it is very easy to add, and very hard to takeaway.

A little about the Grid collection

Grid Playing Cards are a collection based on the design principles of the International Typographic Style, otherwise known as the 'Swiss Style' of graphic design. Its main principles are readability and cleanliness, with most creations adopting an asymmetric layout, always based on the use of a grid. These grids, usually made up of hidden columns and rows, are used to align words, numbers, pictures, and patterns, so each series in the Grid Collection adopts these principles. There are now with four series as well as special and limited editions, each tackling the use of text and graphics in their own way.

Typography: The art or procedure of arranging type.

Photography by Ryan Smith