Carbon: Graphite Edition

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The deck

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Print run of 2500 decks
  • Premium bee stock, crushed, traditionally cut, air cushion finish
  • 56 fully custom cards including 3 jokers
  • Fully custom tuck
  • Numbered seal. No seal option also available.
  • In collaboration with Elemental Playing Cards

A science themed deck based on the element Carbon, there were two decks created; Diamond and Graphite. Graphite focuses on creating exquisite visuals for cardistry with its semi bordered design on both the card back and faces, and a focal hexagonal graphic for focus in packet cuts. Designed to look like it has been created with graphite/lead, the cards and tuck embrace a smudged appearance and make use of a primarily greyscale colour palette.

The card back is made up of various elements, like a sketchbook, all of which tie in to graphite and its properties, or relating back to me and the collaboration on the Carbon decks. These assets then are used throughout the deck, spread across the card faces for additional detail.

The tuck uses the layout foundations of the other Elemental decks, but is the first special edition deck and so has its own look and personality with a grey box and drawn effect. Graphite comes with a numbered seal, however due to an overprint run by USPCC, there are also a small amount of non-seal available too.

A must have deck for a unique twist to your collection, with Graphite, what will you create?