ARW: This Way Up - Concept Edition

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The deck

  • Printed by MPC and designed for cardistry
  • Rare - Limited to only the pre-order qty needed, max 100.
  • M31 Linen cards
  • 55 fully custom cards including 3 additional cards
  • Fully custom tuck
  • Shipping in January 2022 - If you add any other items to your order, they will all be shipped together next year.

This Way Up is an ARW deck that doesn't fit in the usual line up. The main ARW collection ensures the decks are still playable, combining functional traditional layout along with conceptual and graphic design. This deck instead focuses more on all out cardistry, a theme I originally wanted to explore when I started ARW as you may know, but changed my mind to respect other creators.

Well this deck idea just seems to simple yet so effective that I can't NOT show it. With arrows at its base (hence keeping the ARW name) the deck takes inspiration from postage packaging, but combining it with a subtle play on words used within many card routines. 'Place the card face up' or 'leave it this way up' get the idea. We pay attention to what way up cards are during magic routines, so why not use it ironically for a cardistry deck? The tuck and general aesthetic also take note from the ARW range as they are part of the same family, but this more like the quirky cousin rather than one of your siblings. It's a different ARW deck - it is not ARW V3.

The design also means flourishes make use of direction, in similar ways that other arrow themed decks have touched on, and as I said, my original thought process was for the ARW range when I started with a single arrow on a coloured background. Minimal, functional, and too close to a deck I didn't know existed or was due to.

This is a prototype concept deck, just to get a new idea in to your hands and see how it feels, whether you enjoy the concept and use during cardistry, or maybe you want to pick one up just because it's going to be a rare deck I release. Either way, I hope you enjoy the concept, and stay tuned as there will be more in this line of ARW decks that just try to have fun.