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The deck

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Limited to only 2000 decks
  • Premium bee stock, crushed, air cushion finish
  • 56 fully custom cards including 4 additional cards
  • Fully custom tuck

This collection takes inspiration from street signage and Swiss graphic design elements to create decks that are truly original in their approach and execution. Focusing on direction, the first deck, V1, is fully custom including all the pips being made from arrows, monotone court cards and unique additional cards.

Bold in it's simplicity and modern approach, the use of black, white and red colours on custom card card faces combined with numerous little details within the deck, from the arrow pips weaved in to the court cards, to the directional arrows on the tuck. This is a great example of taking a concept and applying it successfully throughout the whole design. Even a single small arrow pointing the opposite direction on the card back is there to symbolize having the courage to be different and choosing your own path.